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Mechanical hair clipper

Why would you need a mechanical hair clipper in modern conditions, when beauty salons are literally at every step and prices are affordable for anyone who wants to cut their hair, most readers will think. Haircuts, first of all, will be useful to travelers - they can be used, for example, on long trips. They are convenient for simple children's and men's haircuts, or for creating short, creative hairstyles. True, today electric cars have long been replaced by mechanical ones, because they are more functional and convenient to use.

However, despite all the advantages of modern electric hair clippers, many stylists prefer to use manual mechanical devices (and not only stylists). In addition, mechanical machines, in comparison with electric ones, are more reliable and less prone to breakdowns. And for modern society they are absolutely environmentally friendly.

History of invention

The prototype of the mechanical device was a trimmer, invented back in the 19th century by the Italian hairdresser Alberto Gomez. In the second half of the twentieth century, the first machine was created and released for mass use in England, which quickly gained popularity not only among professional stylists, but also among the general population. Manual mechanical machines were produced in the USSR. True, they looked more like sophisticated instruments of torture than a harmless device for cutting hair.

At first, mechanical machines were used only for men's and children's haircuts, but over time, when short female hairstyles became fashionable, ladies also began to use these devices. The devices were widely used (and to this day are used) in scientific expeditions, in military units and in other places remote from civilization.

How to use?

Using a hair clipper for simple haircuts will not be difficult even for a beginner, but some practice will be required to create creative hairstyles. Over time, having gained sufficient experience, you will be able to freely cut your family and friends no worse than any professional stylist.

Cutting hair with a mechanical machine should be strictly against hair growth, squeezing and releasing the handle (movable lever) as often as possible and at the same time moving forward, millimeter by millimeter. After each pair of three centimeters it is worth stopping and combing your hair to make sure that they are cut evenly. Before using a mechanical machine, it is recommended to train the muscles - because of the numerous, uniform movements, the untrained muscles of the hand will quickly get tired, and you will not be able to complete the process of cutting properly.


According to the principle of operation, a mechanical manual device is similar to garden shears having a screw for adjustment and cutting blades. Types of machines differ in the type of spring in the mechanism (the most popular are spiral spring devices) and in numbers from No. 000 to No. 3. Numbers are assigned in accordance with the thickness of the lower fixed plate of the device and the height of the hair cut. For example, No. 000 has the thinnest plate and cuts hair at a distance of less than 1/3 mm from the skin, and the machine at number 3 cuts the hair at a height of 4 millimeters. To trim different parts of the head, machines of different numbers are used, although for the apparatus with a zero number, it is also possible to use special shells (cases) worn on the bottom plate in order to increase the cutting height. Electric cars are much more diverse - their types differ both in the mechanism of action and in the type of haircuts (for example, cars are for haircuts, beards and mustaches, etc.).


For the long-term and proper operation of mechanical devices, they should be carefully looked after and regularly lubricated all the friction parts of the mechanism with oil for sewing machines.

After each use, the machine should be cleaned of hairs, and before lubrication it will be necessary to disassemble the device, clean it with gasoline or kerosene, thoroughly wipe all parts with a soft cloth and only after that it will be possible to use grease.

They should be stored in a dry place (to avoid rusting of metal parts) and in a special bag that protects the device from dust. Subject to the rules of care and storage, the blades will last quite a long time. But if necessary (if the blades are still dull), they will need to be taken for sharpening to a professional.


Having bought a mechanical hair clipper, you should take care of accessories and various tools that will facilitate the use of the device. A short list of recommended products is as follows:

  • Case or bag for storage - protects the device from dust;
  • Casket or box - protect from damage and moisture;
  • Brush for cleaning trimmed hairs;
  • Brush for lubrication of moving parts;
  • Two soft cloths to wipe the machine before use and after cleaning;
  • Cleaning fluid (you can use gasoline or kerosene if you are not afraid of the smell);
  • Lubrication (machine oil or oil for sewing machines can be used as a lubricant);

It is recommended that the machine be cleaned and (preferably) lubricated after each use.


Faced with the difficult choice between an electric machine and a mechanical hair clipper, it is worth reading consumer reviews that will help you decide on a purchase. An electrical device is more convenient to use and will help to significantly save time, while mechanical devices are much more reliable, in addition, their use is possible in the field, as it does not require electricity and recharging. Feedback from users of mechanical cars and connoisseurs of vintage classics claim that using these cars is very simple - just practice a little. Although, in the opinion of the majority, a serious drawback is the impossibility of replacing worn parts (for the simple reason that they have not been manufactured since the late 80s of the last century). However, with proper care, mechanical machines will serve you faithfully for decades.

Where can one buy?

It is possible to purchase a manual hair clipper both in online stores and in specialized stores of vintage equipment. On sale there are absolutely new, and already used Soviet devices. The cost of cars ranges from 200 rubles to a couple of thousand rubles. The price depends on the year of manufacture (the older, the more expensive) and the condition of the equipment. Army cars are most often found on sale. Before buying, be sure to make sure that the mechanism is in good working condition and the sharpness of the blades (the sharpening of the blades can only be checked on the hair, do not try to do it on pet hair - firstly, it is not hygienic, and secondly, the structure of the hair and wool has significant differences - wool can damage the hair clipper blades).

Do not buy the device in a sealed form - insist on opening the package, because if the machine was stored without following the rules, metal parts could become rusty.

How to do a manual haircut, see the next video.

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