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How to restore nails after gel polish

The creation of gel polish made a splash in the world of beauty and style. Each representative of the "beautiful half" who wants to look stylish and fashionable applies this coating on her nails. It is resistant to external aggressive influences, it is quite long-term, beautifully and evenly lays on the nail plates and allows imagination to roam during the application. But there comes a time when gel polish must be removed and the condition of nails evaluated without it.

Often after removing the coating, you can see that the nails lost their former health and beauty, became thin, brittle and dull. These negative effects of gel polish can not but upset, especially since the situation has the likelihood of aggravation if measures to improve nails are not taken in time. In this article, we will consider in detail how to restore them after gel polish.

Major issues

The revolutionary formula of gel polish has turned the sphere of manicure and ideas about the beauty of female hands. It has certain advantages over ordinary varnish: it is more durable, has an extensive palette of colors and shades, has an eye-catching brilliance and creates the conditions for creativity and creativity. But both after the extension procedure with gel polish, and after simply applying it to the nails, many users note the occurrence of problems with their health. Namely:

  • Nail plates become soft and thin.
  • Nails are sensitive to temperature changes, after touching hot water they hurt, itch and exfoliate.
  • Spoiled appearance: a rough or wavy surface appears, a healthy shine disappears, the color of the nails fades, an unhealthy yellowness appears.
  • Nails break from even a little physical stress for them.


The nail is a horn plate, which consists of countless elastic, beta-keratin flakes layered on top of each other. Despite the appearance of a solid and smooth surface, it has a layered and porous structure. This fact allows it to be saturated with necessary vital moisture, but also it allows moisture to sweat, which is why the stratum corneum is overdried.

The process of applying gel polish consists of several successive steps:

  • Processing buff or nail files - carried out with the aim of removing the top layer of the nail for good adhesion to the gel coating;
  • Application of special fluids (degreaser, primer, base coat) for preparing the nail for gel coating;
  • Application of several layers of color gel polish;
  • Topcoat applicationthat creates shine and effective protection against external influences.

In this case, all layers are dried in a UV lamp according to the time strictly defined by the manufacturer of this particular gel polish. After application for two days, it is not recommended to expose the coating to water due to the incompleteness of the polymerization process. Also, you do not need to try to remove the varnish yourself because of the high probability of damage to the surface of the stratum corneum.

It is advisable to carry out the correction of manicure 1 time in several weeks and as necessary.

The stratification of nails is facilitated by the mistakes of manicure masters in this technology of applying gel polish:

  • Too thick natural nail removed and too much is placed on the remaining thin;
  • The recommended primer or degreaser layer is not applied., which provides additional traction of natural and artificial surfaces.
  • Poor cosmetic products also contribute to painful consequences. For example: a sufficiently high-quality varnish consists of polymers (for strength and glossy gloss), plasticizers (for elasticity and strength), pigments (responsible for the color scheme) and solvents (for uniformity of composition). These components do not cause serious damage to the health of the nails, but any additional ones can.
  • The master did not adhere to the time limits of drying in UV lamps and “overexposed” his hands under it;
  • Instruments in the cabin do not undergo proper sanitationas a result of which the master brought in a fungus that inexorably spoils the nail plate.
  • Correct removal (by special means and adhering to a certain technology) also plays a significant role in maintaining the health of the nail plate.

Other causes of stratification of nails are:

  • Hormonal changes in the body, associated with menstrual cycles, pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • Medication, including antibiotics;
  • Stress state due to nervous shock or overwork;
  • Vitamin deficiency condition, which is typical for many regions of our country.
  • Serious illnessrequiring a full examination in a medical institution.

Necessary break

There is no consensus on how much should be a break between applying gel polish on nails. Some manicurists insist that new layers can be applied immediately after removing old ones. Others assert that this coverage is very harmful, therefore it is not worth abusing it, and adhere to the opinion "the longer the break - the better." Let us dwell on the most common version:

  • First of all, clients of nail salons should adequately assess the health status of their nails: the worse their appearance after removing the gel polish, the more different restoration procedures need to be done. Therefore, the rehabilitation period should be delayed until their full recovery and will last several months.
  • Even in the absence of any serious problems, a break is required. Based on the practical observation of highly qualified specialists in the field of the nail business, it is possible to apply and adjust the gel polish coating within 12 weeks (this is an average of 4 visits to a nail salon in a row). After this, a month-long “vacation” is required using various caring and restorative procedures. Then again you can apply the gel coating and enjoy the impeccable appearance of the hands.

Professional help

The beauty industry does not stand still. Cosmetologists, together with doctors of sciences, discover not only new formulas of various cosmetics, but also make beauty discoveries to restore health. A professional and competent assessment by the masters of manicure of the condition of the nails and the following specialized procedures will help to restore the health and indicative appearance lost by applying the gel coating:

  • Hot manicure - salon procedure, which in a short time maximally restores the health of nails. This occurs while holding the fingers in a special oil or cream composition heated to 500 ° C. Pores are opened from the effects of temperature, the blood circulation process is activated, and all the nutrients contained in the solution penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin and the stratum corneum of the nails.
  • Sealing nails represents rubbing honey and beeswax on damaged areas of nails. This product forms a protective barrier on the surface in the form of a layer that resembles a natural one. After a course of such procedures, the nails cease to be brittle and dry. Their elasticity and natural shine return.
  • Paraffin baths famous for their regenerative properties. About half an hour spent on these procedures, you can find beautiful hands with healthy nails. Various trace elements in the paraffin composition, penetrating into the deepest layers, saturate with necessary nutrients, normalize metabolic processes, intensively moisturize and block premature aging of nails and skin.
  • Specialized medicinal varnishes are becoming increasingly popular. They can be colored or transparent, and are designed to nourish and protect damaged areas from the aggressive effects of chemicals, adverse weather conditions and physical effects from the outside.

Special treatment coatings are quite common in SPA salons and beauty salons. You can also use them yourself at home. The cosmetic market offers a wide range of such coatings. It is necessary to adequately assess the condition of your nails in order to choose the right tool. The most effective drugs containing calcium, minerals, vitamins, silk fibers. They will contribute to the intensive growth and strengthening of nails and the skin around them. Consider the most popular:

  • "Nail Protex" by Sally Hansen with vitamins E and B5 restores and strengthens the structure. It is applied to the nails in several layers without subsequent varnish coating.
  • "Original Nail Envy" contains calcium, vitamin E and wheat proteins. For the recommended two weeks of use, it provides the necessary comprehensive care.
  • Cream butter "Fresh Melon Nail Butter" by BeYu with shea butter and almond strengthens nails and blocks their delamination. Cover nails 2 times a week for a month.

Secrets of home restoration

There are many ways and means to restore and improve nails. Some are aimed at strengthening weakened nails before applying a varnish coating, others - perform the task of comprehensive care after removing gel polish.

Preventive actions

These funds are recommended for everyone to maintain the health and beauty of their hands, regardless of the presence of gel coat.

  • Periodic but regular moisturizing cuticles with natural oils, which will protect against drying out and delamination of the nail plate.
  • Balanced diet, enriched with various vitamins and microelements, with the obligatory inclusion of vegetables and fruits to provide the body with all the necessary nutrients, and therefore, to normalize all major vital systems.

  • Reception of dietary supplements or multivitamin complexes in the seasons of the possible occurrence of vitamin deficiency.

The secrets of our grandmothers

People have always noticed the healing and restorative effect of the forces of nature on weakened places and passed from generation to generation some folk recipes designed to repair damaged nails. Consider the most popular.

Salt baths

These compounds are recommended for brittle, brittle and weakened nails. To make them, you need to mix a little sea salt with lemon extract or juice and a few drops of any citrus essential oil. Dissolve this composition in warm water and immerse your hands in it for a quarter of an hour. As a result, not only strength and elasticity will return to the nails, but also a healthy color.

Iodine net

This method is an express method that can quickly restore and restore health to nails that have become thinner and exfoliated as a result of applying gel polish. Just do not need to overdo it with the application, since the alcohol contained in iodine can contribute to the evaporation of moisture, necessary for the normalization of metabolic processes in the nail plate.

Vitamin massage

You need to take a few capsules famous for its nutritional and regenerative properties of the fortified drug Aevit and light massage movements to rub the product into previously cleaned damaged nails.

Natural oils

It is known that natural oils are rich in various vitamins and minerals. Such a composition acts as a restorer of vitality, strength and natural color, even in the most affected plates. To do this, you need to take a small amount of natural oil (olive, almond, burdock, etc.), heat it in a water bath to a warm state and lower your hands in it for 10-15 minutes. Then blot with a paper towel. The course of treatment is 2-3 times a week for a month.

Mask of berries

This procedure is quite popular these days and is very popular among beauty bloggers. For an optimal composition, it is necessary to mix garden and boron berries: lingonberries, sea buckthorn, red and black currants, cranberries - according to the principle "the more acidic, the better." In this composition, vitamin C, abundantly contained in these berries, will be treated. It will return the fortress and activates intercellular metabolic processes. Mashed berries should be applied to the nail zones, after 15 minutes rinse with cool water.

You should not use this method if there are cracks on the hands, small wounds, sores and areas of complete cutting off of the nail plate, as an acidic environment can aggravate the situation.

Here are some more ways to restore nails after gel polish.


As a result of extensive monitoring of reviews of ordinary lovers of gel polish coatings and recommendations of masters in the manicure sphere, several conclusions can be drawn:

  • Despite the fact that gel polish is number one in the nail industry, many cosmetology companies are still creating the formula for the most effective means of restoring nails after shellac;
  • Demand is for the good old advice on the return of vitality and beauty of hands at home. Means using berries or berry juice are trendy, as evidenced by the numerous reviews of top beauty bloggers from Russia and the CIS countries.

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