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Tea tree oil for nails

Healthy beautiful nails not only reliably protect the phalanges of the fingers from damage to soft tissues, but they are also the main indicator of the state of health. To date, no woman can do without a manicure, as beautiful pens help in a special way to win over a person.

In order to preserve the beauty of the hands, it is necessary to constantly carry out cosmetic procedures for their care, moisturize, nourish nails and cuticles.

Modern cosmetology is represented by many effective drugs, but tea tree oil for nails deserves special attention.

Foot and hand care provides not only periodic trips to the beauty salon for traditional pedicures and manicures, but also various home treatments aimed at strengthening and treating nails. The use of high-quality preparations helps to restore the skin, eliminates the defects of rough and overdried skin, accelerates the growth of horny plates. Most cosmetologists recommend using tea tree oil to perform home care. It is very useful and, thanks to its healing properties, managed to get a lot of positive reviews. A good option for cosmetic procedures is therapeutic massage of the hands, feet, as well as baths with tea tree oil.

Miracle oil has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties, so its use allows you to keep your nails in excellent condition. The presence of a fungus is also considered a frequent problem of the horny plates, this disease is also called an ingrown nail. The defeat of the fungus is accompanied by the formation of ulcers, which spread to the horny platinum, as a result, yellow and white spots appear on the nail, it becomes thick and exfoliates. If the disease is not treated on time, the infection can spread to other parts of the body. The best help in this case is the use of tea tree oil.

The therapeutic property of this product is explained by the presence in its composition of many antimicrobial components that actively counteract bacterial cells. After the treatment, the membrane structure is completely restored, and the nail itself becomes healthy and beautiful.

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Features and Benefits

Tea tree oil has a special place in nail care. The beauty of the hands is considered very important, especially for women. Often after prolonged use of a helium or acrylic coating, the horn base becomes brittle and brittle, loses its attractive appearance. For its subsequent recovery and treatment, it is recommended to use tea tree oil.

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A natural remedy is an essential mixture made from leaves, the tree of which is unique. In the production process, special distillation technologies are used, in which water vapor passes through the phyto blank. After cooling the steam, the ether solution is separated from the water, followed by oil. The product has a distinctive olive or yellow color and a pleasant woody aroma. In addition, the drug is not soluble in water, but goes well with ethanol and other plant components.

The main advantages of tea tree oil include:

  • Quick disposal of the nail plate of the legs and hands of the fungus
  • The accelerating effect of strengthening and activating nail growth
  • The elimination of various inflammatory processes

The positive characteristics of the product are explained by its unique composition. The tool is completely safe for the body and contains more than 40 valuable components.

Before you begin to care for your fingernails and nails, you must first make an oil sample for a possible allergic reaction. To do this, apply a small amount of the product on the back of your hand and wait at least an hour. In the event that adverse reactions are not observed, tea tree oil can be used. It should be noted that in addition to treating the stratum corneum, the product is also recommended for use in the fight against other infectious diseases.

Mode of application

For the treatment of nails, tea tree oil can be used in various ways, rubbing is considered the most popular method. To do this, a few drops of the drug are applied to the plate, after which it is carefully rubbed.

To eliminate nail fungus, you need to perform prophylaxis with a cotton swab, after soaking it with oil. When applied correctly, the fungus will quickly disappear.

The treatment of the fungus is as follows:

  • The fingernail needs to be steamed well and carefully cleaned with a nail file of dead layers. After that, the treated area is wiped with a dry towel or napkin. Then tea tree oil is taken and applied to the damaged area with massaging movements.
  • In order to maximize the effect of treatment, you can additionally fix the affected area with a bandage soaked in the drug. In case of a disease of several nails at the same time, an impregnated fabric glove is put on.
  • To process cost not only the foci of the disease, but also all healthy nails on both legs or arms. After the procedures, do not touch chemicals and wet your hands in water.
  • The duration of treatment of the fungus depends on the form of the disease and lasts until the nail becomes completely healthy.

Baths for arms and legs have a universal relaxing effect. To prepare them, you need to take one liter of hot water, mix with liquid soap and 20 drops of tea tree oil. In such a solution, hands and feet should be kept until the water has completely cooled. For greater effect, such procedures must be performed daily for a month.

To strengthen the nails, baths with tea tree oil and sea salt help well. For their preparation, a little honey, one tablespoon of salt and 25 drops of a natural remedy are added to a bowl of hot water. Everything is mixed up. In this solution, the legs or arms should be kept for 20 minutes. A good option would also be a combination of several vegetable oils. Tea tree extract blends well with olive oil.

To whiten the horny surface, it is recommended to perform special baths. In this case, the composition of the treatment solution includes 5 drops of the product, a glass of purified water, a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide. Prevention should be performed regularly, until the whitening of the nails is complete.

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