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Organic Scrubs

Organic scrubs are the safest way to cleanse your skin. It can be made at home or bought from a trusted brand that produces high-quality organic cosmetics.

What it is

First of all, let's understand what a scrub is. This is a cosmetic product that allows you to remove dead particles from the skin of the whole body. It has a more gentle effect on the skin than other chemical cleansing methods.

Regular use of a good scrub will allow you to significantly improve the condition of your skin. Thanks to the removal of dead cells, the skin begins to breathe more freely and is saturated with oxygen. The use of scrubs can improve blood flow to the skin, which will make the skin color more natural. After the first application of a good organic scrub, you will notice that wrinkles and small pimples begin to disappear, and the skin becomes more even and smooth.


If you want to start using a scrub, then you need to choose the best possible remedy. In general, scrubs are divided into several main groups: warming, cleansing and providing a regenerating effect.

Also, body and face scrubs can be divided into several types, depending on what type of skin they are created for. After all, everyone knows that an individual approach to care allows you to provide the maximum cleansing or soothing effect.

Owners of oily skin are best suited for scrubs with a clay base. Such a tool helps to cope with rashes and black spots. It allows you to clean pores and narrow them. In addition, a similar scrub reduces discharge from the sebaceous glands.

It is possible to effectively cleanse the skin of the face and body using potent agents with abrasive components such as coffee grounds, ground oatmeal or rice flour. Also in the composition of such a product can be carefully ground egg shells, grape seeds or nuts. Mixtures of this type are suitable for coarser areas - feet, heels or other coarsened parts of the body.

Dry skin should be cleaned with gentle scrubs. It is best to use cream-based mixes. In addition, modern manufacturers are now creating effective scrubs in which special plastic balls play the role of abrasive elements. This is an innovative tool that will gently cleanse your face and body.

Application Rules

For greater effectiveness, scrubs must be applied correctly. This cosmetic product is applied to the surface of the face along the main muscles, from the bottom up. It is necessary to process not only the face, but also the neck and décolleté. You can not use it under the eyelids and on the lips. Using it on the body, rub the product clockwise into the skin. If this is an anti-cellulite scrub, then it can be rubbed with a special hard washcloth or brush.

Popular brands

If you want to get a really good effect from using your scrub, it is best to buy the product only from trusted manufacturers. Let's look at some of the most popular tools.

Organic shop

Scrubs from this company are excellent cleansers with an individual approach. Choosing the right tool for yourself, you can get the maximum effect. Excellent reviews are collected by the raspberry cream scrub. It has a very pleasant and pronounced smell and the consistency of raspberry jam. Despite its rigidity, it has a rather gentle effect on the skin.

Sweet chocolate scrubs have a pleasant smell. In the Organic Shop line, this is a product called Belgian Chocolate.

If you like pleasant fruit flavors, then mango or Sicilian orange aromas are good for you. They have a mild exfoliating effect. To cheer up and energize you will allow a scrub called "Peppy carrots." And to achieve the effect of rejuvenation - "Pink Pearls".

Planeta organica

Planeta Organica scrubs are also very popular among users. They consist of proven natural ingredients that do not cause allergic reactions in people with any type of skin.

They have a good nourishing and regenerating effect on the skin. Even products with a strong exfoliating effect do not damage the skin and do not scratch it. They just gently cleanse the skin of dead particles and narrow the enlarged pores, while cleansing them. Good reviews are enjoyed daily by Planet Organic and chocolate and honey-salt scrubs.

If even an organic scrub seems too coarse to you, it is best to choose a gommage. This is a hot peeling that makes it possible to cleanse the skin as easily as possible. It is applied to the face like a mask. After removal, the skin becomes soft and smooth. Gommage from the brand Planeta Organika is an excellent tool for girls and women with too sensitive skin that does not tolerate aggressive cleaning.

Organic kitchen

Organic Kitchen also produces good organic products. They are created exclusively from environmentally friendly components. Therefore, their cleansers are absolutely harmless to your health. The composition of the funds from this brand includes natural components. There you will not find low-quality mineral oils or parabens that can cause allergic reactions.

If you are looking for a good skin cleanser with a pleasant smell, take a look at the marshmallow scrub. It combines a pleasant sweet aroma with high performance and pleasant sensations of renewal that last for a long time.

Acure organics

Among environmental cosmetic brands, Acure Organics should also be noted. Funds from this brand can compete with more expensive ones, if only because they are more affordable. Therefore, if you do not want to spend money on expensive peels, then we recommend that you look at the products from this brand.

Acure Organics is positioning itself as a family brand. Therefore, they do not want to spoil their reputation with bad customer reviews. The company was founded by a woman who diligently fought breast cancer. In this difficult period of her life, she carefully studied all the chemical ingredients in various cosmetics. She decided to make her products as organic and safe as possible for healthy girls, as well as for those who already have some health problems.

The philosophy of the creators of this organic brand is that they do not produce products that they themselves could not use. They try to monitor all research in the field of cosmetology so that their products meet up-to-date standards and are as efficient as possible. In almost every line of care products from this brand, you can find something new that will pleasantly please you. For example, an algae-based scrub or hot peeling that perfectly warms the skin of the face and thus cleanses the pores.

At the same time, they manage to leave the price of their goods low enough. This is a conscious decision that they motivate by the fact that they want to make organic cosmetics more famous and accessible to the general population. I must say that they are quite successful, because the name of the company, and with it their products, is gradually gaining popularity.

Delicare secret

The Russian brand Delicare Secret also knows how to make a high-quality personal care product available for those who are not ready to spend big money on makeup products. Thick scrubs work perfectly on any type of skin. And after its exposure, the skin becomes incredibly soft and velvety to the touch. In addition, a pleasant sweet smell remains on it for a long time.

In the lines of this organic brand you can find really fragrant scrubs with the smells of cinnamon, orange, lavender, vanilla or chocolate. Therefore, it is doubly pleasant to use them, because even at home you can enjoy an alternative to expensive salon procedures.


High-quality organic cosmetics collects mainly positive customer reviews. Means with the most natural composition work almost the same as those prepared at home. But they have many advantages over chemical scrubs. Girls who have tested natural skin cleansers confirm that organics do not cause allergic rashes or skin irritations.

Despite the fact that most organic scrubs are more expensive than conventional skin cleansers due to the use of natural elements, you can always find an affordable option. Low price is not an indication that you have a bad or ineffective tool. This is confirmed by girls who are actively using organic cosmetics purchased in the mass market.

Buying good natural cosmetics, you can be sure that your skin will be healthy, velvety and pleasant to the touch.

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